Better Web Maps with Map Analytics

Analytics are a great tool for monitoring and reporting on website traffic and user interactions. It is reasonablely expected that, as a web developer I will use analytics to better understand my users and deliver them with incrementally improving services and experiences. At Sparkgeo we build web maps. We have been doing this for half a […]

Just Listen

In consulting you really have only one thing: the ability to identify problems. Sure, you may be a UI rockstar or have some mad statistics skills, and perhaps thats why you think your clients call you. Without being able to tease out the real problem, however you will likely not satisfy your clients demands […]

Dissecting a Web Mapping Application

When talking with clients there is always a turning point in my mind where their request turns from being a “Google Map” to being a “web mapping application”. It is usually where data is being filtered, updataed, or when ‘users’ are mentioned. This a pivotal point where the project both gets more interesting, a lot […]