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A DuckDB-Wasm Web Mapping Experiment with Parquet

We’re going to talk about a DuckDB-Wasm web mapping experiment with Parquet. But first we need some context! Common Patterns Every application is different, and most architectures are unique in some way, but we sometimes see common patterns repeated. The diagram below shows a common pattern in web mapping. Figure 1: A common high-level architecture …

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N51 and ARD

I recently had the opportunity to attend two enlightening conferences: N51 and ARD. Both revolved around the complex and diverse realm of geospatial data. While each had its unique perspective, they shared a central theme: the potential and importance of geospatial data and time.

Geospatial Technology for Flood Monitoring

Time-lapse of the November 14 atmospheric river event, acquired by the GOES-17 satellite On November 14, southern British Columbia experienced the devastating effects of an “atmospheric river” – a narrow band of enhanced water vapour transport that flooded the Fraser River basin. This atmospheric river event broke 20 rainfall records across British Columbia. The city …

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Coral Reef Dataset Pipeline

Facing climate change and severe coral reef bleaching, which causes coral reefs to die off, coral reef scientists have been embracing new technologies to help diagnose the overall health of those coral reefs. Satellite remote sensing imagery can measure sea surface temperature as early warning signals for coral bleaching. Underwater, teams of scientists record live …

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Digital Mirror World

Location is central to the digital mirror world. Everything is linked by geography. All connected digital experiences exist in our mirror world. How is your business reflected in this mirror world?

Searching for Sasquatch

Recently we’ve been hearing reports about sightings of Sasquatch in and around Prince George, British Columbia. Being a geospatial company and because Prince George is home — one of them anyway — we thought we could lend a hand in confirming these reports.