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Sparkgeo UK

We are very excited to announce that Sparkgeo’s first international expansion is to the UK. We see a great deal of opportunity on the far side of the Atlantic and feel that having a more robust presence in that geographic region will be hugely beneficial to our clients and our business.

Coral Reef Dataset Pipeline

Facing climate change and severe coral reef bleaching, which causes coral reefs to die off, coral reef scientists have been embracing new technologies to help diagnose the overall health of those coral reefs. Satellite remote sensing imagery can measure sea surface temperature as early warning signals for coral bleaching. Underwater, teams of scientists record live …

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Prescient Computing

Our community is perfectly positioned to evolve from analyzing landscapes retrospectively to looking forward. The next ‘killer app’ for geospatial isn’t an app at all, it’s probably the future.

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Digital Mirror World

Location is central to the digital mirror world. Everything is linked by geography. All connected digital experiences exist in our mirror world. How is your business reflected in this mirror world?