Mapbox GL JS

Our Mapbox Services Partnership

For us, geospatial has always been about the consumer, or commercial applications. For this reason, we use Mapbox tools and services. Their technology is thoughtfully designed and enormously scalable, perfect for consumer consumption. Sparkgeo is proud to reiterate our commitment to consumer geo through our partnership with Mapbox.

aerial view of city buildings during night time

3D Terrains with Mapbox GL JS v.2 for Terradactile

In October, we released Terradactile (blog post here), an app hatched during hackathon designed to find, process, and download AWS Terrain tiles. The original application allowed the user to select an area of interest, process the contained elevation data into cloud optimized derived products including a seamless elevation and derived hillshade surface, and view/download the …

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/quick-map 1.1

In the summer of this year (2019) we released /quick-map. A very simple tool that turned a text location into a map or birds-eye image inside a discussion on Slack the collaborative messaging tool. On the strength of a few tweets, we picked up a surprising number of organizations and users. This told us a …

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