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A DuckDB-Wasm Web Mapping Experiment with Parquet

We’re going to talk about a DuckDB-Wasm web mapping experiment with Parquet. But first we need some context! Common Patterns Every application is different, and most architectures are unique in some way, but we sometimes see common patterns repeated. The diagram below shows a common pattern in web mapping. Figure 1: A common high-level architecture …

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Pink and blue tiles with flowers painted on them.

Map Tile Identification: A New Addition to your Toolbox

At Sparkgeo we don’t just make maps. We address a range of geospatial challenges and pursue the most appropriate solutions with an open and independent mindset. Those solutions sometimes produce pixels. Those pixels are often served over a network. We’re always striving to improve how we develop, test, and support our solutions. As part of …

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Geospatial Technology for Flood Monitoring

Time-lapse of the November 14 atmospheric river event, acquired by the GOES-17 satellite On November 14, southern British Columbia experienced the devastating effects of an “atmospheric river” – a narrow band of enhanced water vapour transport that flooded the Fraser River basin. This atmospheric river event broke 20 rainfall records across British Columbia. The city …

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Our Mapbox Services Partnership

For us, geospatial has always been about the consumer, or commercial applications. For this reason, we use Mapbox tools and services. Their technology is thoughtfully designed and enormously scalable, perfect for consumer consumption. Sparkgeo is proud to reiterate our commitment to consumer geo through our partnership with Mapbox.

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Prescient Computing

Our community is perfectly positioned to evolve from analyzing landscapes retrospectively to looking forward. The next ‘killer app’ for geospatial isn’t an app at all, it’s probably the future.

Maptiks Map Analytics Demo

As we all know, a demo is worth at least a thousand words. earlier this week I put together this client side demo to help our clients get the feel of the kind of things we can do with Maptiks. I wanted to share it with all our Sparkgeo friends too. Welcome to the future […]