We’re proud to offer a flexible work environment to help our employees enjoy their work and their life

We’ve always believed in making life better – both in lifestyle and in work. That’s why we’re committed to building a future of work that’s more flexible, diverse, and open.

The Work We Do

At Sparkgeo, our work sits at the intersection of location data, technology and innovation. We are dedicated to solving complex problems using location data and software development.

Our team of experts come from diverse backgrounds and share a passion for geospatial. We are hyper-focused on the work that we do, staying ahead of industry trends through internal guilds and dedicated R&D time. If you love geospatial technology and are committed to delivering the best solutions, Sparkgeo may just be the place for you.

Our Community

Our dynamic and diverse team of geospatial experts, works remotely from locations around the world. With our head office based in Prince George, many of us enjoy a balance between urban life and the great outdoors. Our team members are actively involved in their local tech communities, attending events and engaging in learning opportunities whenever possible. In our spare time, many of us love to get outdoors and enjoy activities like hiking, skiing and mountain biking. Regardless of the location, we believe in empowering our team to work where they feel most productive and fulfilled.

The Company We Keep

At Sparkgeo, we build lasting relationships with a select group of partners. We work with technology-focused organizations who value our expertise in geospatial. To ensure the best results and avoid conflicts of interest, we try to limit our partnerships to one client per sector. This allows our team to fully immerse themselves in each project and provide ongoing support over a longer period.

Come work where the future works

We are dedicated to improving both life and work.
Our vision for the future of work is flexible, diverse and open:

  • Flexibility: We provide opportunities for our team to grow and be challenged by exciting projects, while also prioritizing work-life balance.
  • Diversity: We celebrate and embrace the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and identities of our team members.
  • Openness: We strive to create a culture where everyone has the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and contribute to our collective success.

Our Values

Responsibility: Do what’s right.

Our job isn’t to sell a license or write software. It’s to identify crucial problems—and efficiently solve those problems. In doing so, we open ourselves up to what’s truly possible.

Agility: Reframe problems as puzzles.

Biases blind us—and compound when we struggle. So, we encourage an explorative mindset. This lightens the process and opens us up to simpler (and sometimes surprising) approaches.

Openness: Remain mindful of a broader context.

Work is just one part of what we do. Each of us seeks meaningful experiences, beauty, and adventure. Our company adapts to the humans within it; not the other way around.

Collaboration: Let’s work together.

We go further by working together (colleagues and clients). This means truly listening, respecting our differences, and stepping up when needed. It’s equally important to ask for help.

Learning: Keep asking questions.

Our work is complex. To do it well, we must observe, deconstruct, and adapt. Equally importantly: We must ask to be proven wrong. This rigorous examination is key to our growth.

Working and living

Remote-first office

Slack is our headquarters. We want the best talent out there. That’s why we support a hybrid, fully distributed workforce globally.

For your comfort

In addition to providing the initial tools to do your work, Sparkgeo also provides an annual allowance for office equipment to make sure you are set up for success.

Health and wellness

Subsidized medical, dental and vision for you and your family.

Work perks

We prioritize flexibility in our work, schedules and office arrangements to meet the diverse needs of our team.


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