Front-End Web Developer (Intermediate/Senior)

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Job Description

Sparkgeo is a leader in the geospatial industry. We identify crucial problems—and efficiently solve them. Most of our work is with other technology companies. They look to us as expert partners who can lend them expertise that’s not easily found in-house. We listen carefully, are platform-agnostic, and look to afford the most value we can to our clients. To make this possible, each of our staff members has a high degree of autonomy.

As a front-end developer at Sparkgeo, you’ll be responsible for building user interfaces which help create a functional, seamless experience for a wide range of clients. You’ll collaborate in cross-functional teams with, data scientists, designers, back-end developers and project managers. You’ll share your knowledge of trends and industry best practices.

Our ideal candidate is organized, self-directed and likes to work collaboratively.

Your Responsibilities

  • Writing quality, maintainable, scalable and testable code
  • Working with clients, designers and backend developers to determine the direction of a project, make informed technical decisions and deliver effective solutions
  • Designing complex architecture and providing insight into complex technical problems
  • Knowledge sharing and investing in teammates through openness, code reviews, mentorship and writing quality developer documentation
  • Coding in collaborative environments with many developers contributing to a single project or repository
  • Working independently on development tasks based on requirements and designs
  • Taking ownership of tasks and promoting a culture of excellence through testing and reducing technical debt
  • Working with teammates to create, promote and maintain a sense of psychological safety

Skills and Technology

  • JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML and CSS
  • Strong knowledge of front-end best practices
  • Experience building rich client-side web applications with a modern web framework like React
  • Writing automated tests with test frameworks like Jest, Testing Library and Cypress
  • Exposure to multiple styling solutions (e.g. CSS, SASS, styled-components), frameworks and component libraries
  • Integrating front-end applications with REST APIs
  • Maintaining and contributing to large, complex codebases
  • Familiarity with version control (git and GitHub) and project management tools
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Nice To Have

  • Working knowledge of React state management like Redux and Context
  • Experience with CI/CD tooling such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI or Jenkins
  • Various cloud technologies used to host front-end applications such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Netlify or Heroku as well as their command-line interfaces
  • Mapping and visualization libraries like Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet or OpenLayers
  • Familiarity with tools in the Mapbox ecosystem like Studio and Atlas
  • Experience or interest in working with and contributing to open source communities
  • Our focus is around geospatial technology. Knowledge in this area or enthusiasm to learn is encouraged

What Is Not Required

  • A degree in Computer Science
  • Every skillset

Visa Sponsorship
Available for exceptional candidates


  • Work remotely within Canada
  • Medical and extended health benefits
  • Starting at 4 weeks of holidays and 5 personal days
  • Retirement plan matching
  • Access to training opportunities, including unlimited Udemy
  • Visa sponsorship is available for exceptional candidates
  • Flexible work schedule allowing you to take the time to enjoy life outside of work

Underrepresented groups
We encourage all people, from all backgrounds and experiences to apply. We’re a diverse group of people looking to work with others with diverse perspectives.

More about Sparkgeo
Visit our Jobs page to learn more about who we are, and how we work.

Who and how we hire
You do not need to check every single one of these boxes. We hire anyone who is curious, willing to learn and likes to work remote and autonomously, yet in a team setting.

To apply
Email your résumé to [email protected].