Job Description

Maps are cool. You know that; we know that. But the presentation of any map is crucial. This is where you come in.

There are many terrible maps on the web, and you crusade against such crappy-carto! Your strong JavaScript abilities enable you to create beautiful, interactive map experiences.

You can carve up weird geospatial data formats like they’re tender avocados. You have an opinionated eye for web layout. You love helping others create great map/geo experiences.

At Sparkgeo, we create interesting geospatial technology for our partners. You might work in agriculture one day, for a non-profit the next, or congratulate satellite clients on a successful launch.

Phases like “spatial temporal asset catalog” should be meaningful to you. But, you should also be able to hold a conversation about everyday things. We hire real people to develop applied and innovative technology.

Technology (in order of preference)

  • JavaScript (React preferred)
  • Mapbox (GL JS)
  • Leaflet
  • Google Maps
  • Esri Web Suite
  • OpenLayers
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript packing
  • PostGIS
  • Python
  • Data formats
  • Willingness to learn anything

Visa Sponsorship
Available for exceptional candidates


  • Option to work remotely
  • Medical benefits
  • Extended benefits
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Unlimited Udemy
  • Competitive pay

To apply
Email your résumé to [email protected].

More about Sparkgeo
Visit our Jobs page to learn more about who we are, and how we work.

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