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The Problem

You have a business or organization that depends on a web map, and you want to know if that map is performing for you. Perhaps you are in retail and have a store locator, or you are a realtor with a map of your properties, or are a government body sharing data on a map? In any case you want your map to convert, but you have no technology to test it!

Our Solution

Sparkgeo built Maptiks to measure the performance of web maps. We've collected millions of user activities on numerous different web maps.

  • > We can help you make better maps.
  • > We can help you make faster maps.
  • > We can help you increase user engagement on your map.

A Map Activity is a pan, or a zoom, or a click on your map. It is an indication of a user's interest in the story you are telling.

From the patterns of your user's activities we can tell you how engaged they are in your map and we can tell how to make your map better. We can tell where a user is looking and we can show how different geographic market segments are responding to your map.

With Maptiks mapping analytics software, you can do more than just get error logs and web page performance. You can actually see how users are interacting with your map, providing unprecedented consumer insights. Check out the example below.

//Technology Highlights

Map Activities

Map Activities Picture

Map Activities are the basis of the success of your map. We can optimize your map by showing you what your users are really doing on your map!

Find out more about map activities

Bounce Rate

Map Bounce Rate Picture

Is your map being loaded without it being touched? Everyday web analytics can't solve this problem which wastes both bandwidth and page loads. Maptiks does.

Find out more about map bounce rates

Map Performance

Map tile performance

Map tiles need to look great and load fast. How quickly are your tiles being loaded & how quickly is your mapping technology displaying them?

Find out more about map tile performance

User Patterns

Looking at user activity patterns

We build your user's activities into a map showing where and how they are navigating through your map experience. Are they missing something? Are you missing conversions? We look beyond page views at real users & map analytics

Vendor Comparisons

Compring Vendors

Different map providers have different attributes and are suitable for different purposes. We've been collecting the data and we can now provide you with the data that no one else has: which mapping technology is best for what purpose?

Google Maps Ready!

Ready for Google Maps

We built maptiks to work with the most common web mapping platforms. Additionally, Sparkgeo has certified Google Maps developers ready to help make the most of your web map dollars. Put your maps to work with analytics!

//Turn map LOADS into CONVERSIONS!

At sparkgeo we care deeply about helping our clients build the best possible maps. Thats why we built Maptiks. Now everyone is able to understand how their users use their maps, and access the data to build much better maps.

We can offer more than that though. We have been collecting data about maps since the launch of Maptiks and we can tell you about the best map technology to use for different purposes. We can demonstrate which maps make most sense and which maps will convert! We can deliver expertise based on millions and millions of user activities.

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