How Did Sparkgeo Get So Awesome?


// Our Philosophy

Technology surrounds us. It doesn't have to be scary or complicated. It can be fun, compelling, and useful; so lets do that.

At Sparkgeo we build cutting edge geospatial technology which is easy to use and serves specific purposes. Our technology choices are not limited by vendors, or by a licensing philosophy, but purely by what will serve the purpose in the best, or most pragmatic way.

We build great apps, do great analysis, and give great advice that's it.

// Our Mission

Driving global impacts using maps and the internet.

Providing advice and building technology for clients interested in leveraging location across the globe, Sparkgeo is a small and highly effective consultancy who's expertise in the implementation of web mapping technologies is recognized internationally

We want to help our clients to tell their stories using maps and the internet.

// Our Team

Focused on staying small to provide only the best advice. We expand slowly but leverage a wide network of other like-minded technology and geospatial people. Ask us about our team and we'll talk about our community.

Will Cadell

CEO & Geospatial Developer
Will designs and builds location technology, when he is not hanging out with the family or skiing

Will Does...
Web Mapping, Geospatial Development, Geoweb Technology Application, GIS Consulting, GIS Analysis, Mobile Web, Augmented Reality, Cat Herding, Remote Sensing, Talking, Hustling

Dustin Sampson

CTO & Geospatial Developer
A geospatial powerhouse, Dustin keeps us focused on the latest technology and trends.

Dustin Does...
Geospatial Development, Google Maps, Google Maps Engine, Leaflet, Mapnik, CartoCSS, Node, Python geoDjango, GDAL, GIS analysis, web Application Development, Geospatial Consulting, Listening, Javascript, actually lots of Javascript

Kaela Perry

GIS & Data Wizard
When not harnessing the powers of GIS, Kaela can be found enjoying the backcountry, good music, tasty food and sharing it all with great people.

Kaela Does...
GIS Analysis, Mapping, Data Manipulation, GIS Consulting, Data Sourcing, Data Management, a lot of Listening, Cartography, Process Automation.

Max Malynowsky

Geospatial Developer
With a passion for humanitarian relief, Max uses maps to look for novel ways to improve people's lives, or just to summit a peak.

Max Does...
Leaflet, Google Maps, OpenLayers 3, Node.js, Geoserver, pgRouting, PostGIS, MongoDB, QGIS, Beautiful Cartograhy, Real-time Tracking, Radio & Communications, Mountaineering, and Zen.

Mike Connor

Software Developer
Mike comes from a background in engineering and project management, and is currently studying Computer Science. Outside of school and work responsibilities, you will find Mike spending time with his family and friends, out playing Ultimate Frisbee, or whatever sport is in season.

Mike Does...
Java, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite, Python, Django, Javascript, Project Management

Eric Welscher-Bilodeau

Creative Developer
Fascinated with interface and aesthetic, Eric has a passion for design. If he’s not busy creating web and print materials, writing music, or renovating his house, you’ll probably find him at the climbing wall or walking with his family by the Fraser River.

Eric Does...
JavaScript, Design, Video, Art, Print, Copy, Music, Freaking AWESOME Music

You, maybe? (get in touch)

If you think you have what it takes to work at sparkgeo, get in touch.

At Sparkgeo we keep an eye open for smart, talented people. Here's the kicker though, it really helps if you are able to communicate well, motivated, and deliver what you say you can. In general we like these technologies:

Python, (geoDjango, gdal, shapely), PostGIS, Javascript, Mapnik, Node.js, Google Maps, OpenLayers, Leaflet, The usual web technologies, Traditional GIS (tools of your choice), Remote sensing

…but, challenge us! If you can do something super cool, show us and lets talk. We don't really care where you are, more who you are, what you can do and whether you want to make a difference.

Sparkgeo - Making a global impact using maps and the internet