Geographic Storytelling Resources for K-12 Teachers

Many stories include places: stories of holidays, stories of adventure, stories of science. Maps are a great way to share stories, but often technology can be a barrier because making maps can be pretty awkward. Especially if you’re not comfortable writing code, or have a ready steady hand.

Thankfully there is a free technology which allows us to fly around the globe from the comfort of our classrooms. This page is dedicated to resources supporting teachers using Google Earth

Many of the resources below were NOT produced by Sparkgeo, but instead by other talented geospatial specialists and educators, we have moved copies of these onto our servers to ensure the links still work, but some will depend on external services still working (hopefully they will 🙂

Technologies We’ll Use:

And seeing as this is a website, you probably have the 2nd one already…

Google Earth Training & Support

In this list the focus is on environmental issues. These are more ‘awareness’ driven than considering pure science.

Environmental Awareness

In this list the focus is on environmental issues. These are more ‘awareness’ driven than considering pure science.


In this list the focus is on Literature. Most of these examples come from the excellent Google Lit Trips You can find MANY more Lit Trips on their site.

Science & Math

This focuses on items that could be pulled into Science and math classes.


In this list the focus is on history.

I hope this list of resources proves useful to the education community. Google Earth is a great tool for learning from, it can be a textbook or field trip available to every kid who has a computer and access to the web.

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Experiments • Will Cadell

Scale in a Time of Web Maps

Scale has taken on a completely new meaning for me. In my training and early career, scale referred to a conversion measurement indicating a comparison between a measurement…

Experiments • Will Cadell

More to Maps than Markers

Google Maps have been with us since February 2005, virtually a decade ago as I write this (expect a party on Feb 8th 2015). From their acquisitions of…

Experiments • Will Cadell

Build a Better Map with Analytics [Video]

Dustin Sampson (@gridcell), one of our geospatial developers presented the core ideas behind tracking slippy map analytics at FOSS4G in September (2014, Portland). Check out his presentation here…

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