Lets make some maps!

Google Maps!

Google Maps

Try changing the zoom level and moving the starting location

Google Maps with Marker

Try changing the location of the point

Google Maps with Data

Try editing the data…!



Leaflet Maps!

Leaflet Map

Try changing the location of this map! Then go to Stamen and change the background to watercolor!

Leaflet with Data

Try changing the colors of the gradient… google color brewer!

Leaflet with Data & Interaction

Wow, this is turning into a real app!

Image: Dan Otis
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blue coupe in front of pink house

Updates • Darren Wiens

Python-based Computer Vision in the Browser

Prototyping and Python are big parts of what I do at Sparkgeo, so when PyScript was announced at PyCon US 2022, I was all ears. PyScript, along with…

Updates • Tomer Rockman

STAC it up – A STAC tutorial

In this post we describe the process of taking a federal Canadian dataset and creating a SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) using python.

wind turbine surrounded by grass

Updates • Jesse Mauch

Asset Data – A Case For Geospatial

Whether its reporting environmental impact, supply chain reporting, etc., properly analyzing physical assets is difficult. Geospatial technology is necessary for accurate asset data.

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Image: Dan Otis
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