Lets make some maps!

Google Maps!

Google Maps

Try changing the zoom level and moving the starting location

Google Maps with Marker

Try changing the location of the point

Google Maps with Data

Try editing the data…!



Leaflet Maps!

Leaflet Map

Try changing the location of this map! Then go to Stamen and change the background to watercolor!

Leaflet with Data

Try changing the colors of the gradient… google color brewer!

Leaflet with Data & Interaction

Wow, this is turning into a real app!

Image: Dan Otis
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high angle view photography of field

Updates • Sparkgeo Team

A Conversation with Joe Morrison on the Future of Commercial SAR

Joe Morrison of Umbra joined Sparkgeo’s CEO, Will Cadell, to talk about the future of commercial SAR. During the conversation, Morrison discussed what he believes is a very…

mountain during golden hour

Updates • Will Cadell

Sparkgeo & N51

Sparkgeo is very excited to be co-hosting N51 in Banff this year. Come and let the scenery take your breath away, while N51 stimulates your geospatial ideas.

selective focus photography of licensed plate with open text hanged

Updates • Dan Ormsby

FOSS4G UK 2022 – Sparkgeo represent at key open-source conference

The UK “free and open-source software for geo” (FOSS4G) community came together on November 17th to celebrate PostGIS Day.

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Image: Dan Otis
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