Sparkgeo has been “putting maps on the internet” for ten years. For us, geospatial has always been about the consumer, or commercial applications. We have consistently found ourselves using Mapbox tools. Although we remain technology agnostic, we are announcing a Services Partnership with Mapbox.

Mapbox for scalable consumer geospatial

In no uncertain terms, Mapbox is perfect for consumer consumption. Mapbox technology is thoughtfully designed and enormously scalable. This is borne out with Mapbox’s recent JS map library update to support 3D experiences and massive imagery buy. 135 million square kilometres of high-resolution imagery plastered over a 3D base map, running inside a browser, accessible by anyone. That is a heady mix for any software developer.

For all the reasons above, we have increasingly been providing services based on Mapbox technology. Two such offerings are Terradactile and /quick-map for Slack, both of which began as rapid prototypes (either hackathon or proof of concept research spikes) and seamlessly grew into full-fledged applications within limited iterations. Our familiarity with Mapbox products and services made them a natural fit and propelled this development forward. Whether it be Atlas on-prem advice, customizable map styles, or leveraging their data services and UI elements in apps, we have been assembling Mapbox’s lego blocks into customer-focused applications.

A Mapbox ready team

Even though we have always been and continue to be technology agnostic, we have consistently found ourselves using Mapbox tools.

Over the past 5 years though, we have built somewhat of a relationship with industry friends over at Mapbox, working closely with some of their biggest clients. This led to building strong relationships and having in-depth conversations with some of Mapbox’s engineers and product managers, discussing product features and client requirements that would make their platform even more accessible.

Today, we are excited to announce that we are a Mapbox services partner. Now, we will remain technology-agnostic, and we are not selling licenses here. What we are doing is making sure our development and design teams are deeply familiar with Mapbox’s technology so we can help customers of Mapbox also assemble those blocks.

If you need any help with Mapbox technology, beyond what you might expect from their technical support, let’s talk.

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