>_ wget www.startupprincegeorge.ca
>_ cd /pghacks
>_ ./configure
build a better PG, one object at a time
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 - done
>_ make
>_ sudo pghacks.civic_apps
missing local variable: YOU! 
PG Hackathon: 9am, 19th October @ the Regional District, 155 George St. 
1 day, fuel provided.
Subject: Civic Apps & Open Data
GOTO http://pghacks.eventbrite.com/
for to sign up for FREE tech event
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Updates • Will Cadell

The Geospatial Product Trap

Do you know what the geospatial product trap is? It’s when we fall in love with the technology, not the problem.

Updates • Will Cadell

Our Mapbox Services Partnership

For us, geospatial has always been about the consumer, or commercial applications. For this reason, we use Mapbox tools and services. Their technology is thoughtfully designed and enormously…

aerial view of city buildings during night time

Updates • Darren Wiens

3D Terrains with Mapbox GL JS v.2 for Terradactile

In October, we released Terradactile (blog post here), an app hatched during hackathon designed to find, process, and download AWS Terrain tiles. The original application allowed the user…

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