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You can win it in one of four ways:

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Do all 4 things and we’ll give you 4 entries! We’ll draw the winner by the end of August (2013)!

good luck guys!

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Updates • Darren Wiens

Python-based Computer Vision in the Browser

Prototyping and Python are big parts of what I do at Sparkgeo, so when PyScript was announced at PyCon US 2022, I was all ears. PyScript, along with…

Updates • Tomer Rockman

STAC it up – A STAC tutorial

In this post we describe the process of taking a federal Canadian dataset and creating a SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) using python.

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Updates • Jesse Mauch

Asset Data – A Case For Geospatial

Whether its reporting environmental impact, supply chain reporting, etc., properly analyzing physical assets is difficult. Geospatial technology is necessary for accurate asset data.

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