Woods Hole Research Center & the Carbon Source

The Sparkgeo team received an early Christmas gift. We are ludicrously excited to be working with the Woods Hole Research Center on the creation of their Carbon Source experience.

At Sparkgeo we try to spend a good proportion of our time working with nonprofits. Organisations like the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) are genuinely trying to save the world, working relentlessly to prevent large scale carbon emissions. We are flattered and humbled to help them with their mission to mitigate severe climate change in our lifetime.

We will be working on a new project, which for now is called “The Carbon Source.” The project will endeavour to get WHRC’s renowned climate science into the hands of those making decisions about our collective futures from national leaders, to local land managers to households. We all need to take ownership over our world, and what better way than getting a better picture of what the science is telling us.

Sparkgeo will be building map based visualizations to help the WHRC tell their stories of the Arctic, the Amazon, forest restoration and emissions across the world. In addition, we will be sharing deeper descriptions of the research being undertaken and providing access to raw data products for professional and citizen scientists to study further. The ability for our web map analytics tool, Maptiks, to measure user engagement on these web maps and ultimately provide quantitative visibility into the success of the project was a key factor in our selection.

Again, we are very excited to be working with the world class Woods Hole Research Center team and we look forward to keeping our followers up to date on our progress.

Trying to do our bit to keep our world beautiful!