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The Work We Do

At Sparkgeo, we focus all of our energy on geospatial technology—and how we can help our client partners harness it. We don’t take on random development projects. Nor do we make maps. Our sole concentration is on the intersection of maps and technology. By limiting our attention to this one area, we’re able to afford clients our very best. If you aren’t fully committed to geospatial technology, Sparkgeo might not be the place for you.

The Company We Keep

Unlike many project-based operations, we engage as long-term partners with a select set of clients. These organizations typically have deep expertise in technology, and wish to supplement their knowledge with outside geospatial expertise. So, we restrict ourselves to working with a single client in each sector—to avoid conflicts of interest. This is an important point to keep in mind: If you join Sparkgeo, we won’t bounce you from one project to the next. Instead, you’ll collaborate with one or two of clients for an extended period of time.

Our Community

Although our operation is distributed, many of us choose to live in Prince George. This mid-size community affords us the amenities we require—while allowing us access to seemingly limitless nature. We actively participate in the local tech community, and many of us are involved in skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities, here. That said, we welcome our staff to work wherever they feel most at home. For some, that’s Toronto, for others Vancouver, and for one of us, it’s Taguig City.

Our Values


Our job isn’t to sell a license or write software. It’s to identify crucial problems—and efficiently solve those problems. In doing so, we open ourselves up to what’s truly possible.


Biases blind us—and compound when we struggle. So, we encourage an explorative mindset. This lightens the process and opens us up to simpler (and sometimes surprising) approaches.


Work is just one part of what we do. Each of us seeks meaningful experiences, beauty, and adventure. Our company adapts to the humans within it; not the other way around.


We go further by working together (colleagues and clients). This means truly listening, respecting our differences, and stepping up when needed. It’s equally important to ask for help.


Our work is complex. To do it well, we must observe, deconstruct, and adapt. Equally importantly: We must ask to be proven wrong. This rigorous examination is key to our growth.

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