A deep learning startup

Arturo is a new breed of start-up. It’s a deep learning spin-out from a Fortune 500 company.

Their team boasts a high level of domain expertise. Through proprietary data access and advanced machine learning, they produce highly accurate measurements and predictive data. This insight informs those in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance, reinsurance, REIT, and PERE markets.

Growth is challenging

Starting a technology always comes with a lot (too much) to do. This is the case for Arturo. Smaller tech companies need to add resources fast. They need separate teams for technical R&D. They simply can’t do as much as they want, as fast as they need.

Additionally, growing a functional, gelled engineering team takes time. Their team knows this, so, they identified two types of work: The first, is that which defines their company. The second, includes necessary work that isn’t their core competency. For the latter, they turned to Sparkgeo.

We work together

So far, we’ve helped Arturo scale their remote sensing technology. We developed geospatial visualization technology. They use this to test their proprietary algorithms. (It involves extensive use of web mapping technology.) These maps communicate with both imagery and vector data environments.

We also tuned data environments for consumption by a web UI. By using Jupyter Notebooks we enable a high velocity research and development process. Together, we built high-frequency feature identification models. We also provide general geospatial support when necessary.

Collaboration is rocket-fuel

This ongoing partnership helps Arturo ramp up. They can tap technical resources on demand. We give them access to full teams, that hit the ground running. This expands their research and development capacity. It also accelerates development processes and gets them through technical barriers.

“Arturo has really benefited from being able to tap into Sparkgeo’s deep geospatial expertise while we were ramping up our own internal teams. They have kept us moving as fast as we have needed to be, whilst being receptive to changing priorities.”

— John-Isaac “JC” Clark, CEO, Arturo