The quick-map slash command uses Mapbox Static Images and Geocoding APIs to convert an address or pair of coordinates into a simple map.

The quick-map command accepts up to three arguments, separated by the pipe character: |.

/quick-map [address or longitude, latitude coordinates] | zoom:[zoom level] | type:[map type]

  1. Address or Longitude, Latitude Coordinates (required)
    • This argument controls where the map will be centered
    • It can be an address or place name, or longitude, latitude coordinates, in that order.
  2. Zoom Level (optional)
    • This argument controls the zoom level of the map
    • This argument must contain zoom: followed by the desired zoom level
    • Values must be in the range: 0 (coarse detail) – 22 (fine detail)
    • Default: 14
  3. Map Type (optional)
    • This argument controls which Mapbox map style to use
    • This argument must contain type: followed by the desired map type
    • Values should be one of: satellite, streets, sat-streets, dark, and outdoors
    • Default: sat-streets

A note about geocoding: this app uses a geocoding service, which attempts to transform a text address or place name into a list of potential geographical locations. The list is ranked by relevance, and the app returns the location ranked most relevant. This may not be the location you intended. If you retrieve an unintended location, you may want to try again with different or more descriptive address.

You can find more help with:

/quick-map help

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