quick-map Help

The quick-map slash command uses Mapbox Static Images and Geocoding APIs to convert an address or pair of coordinates into a simple map.

/quick-map [location]

The quick-map command accepts a single parameter: location. The location may represent a place name or address, or longitude/latitude pair.

  • Place name or address
    • May be a geographical place name (e.g. United Kingdom) or address (e.g. 10 Downing Street, London)
/quick-map Canada
  • Longitude/latitude pair
    • Enter geographical coordinates, in the order longitude, latitude, separated by a comma
    • Longitude must be in the range (-180, 180)
    • Latitude must be in the range (-90, 90)
/quick-map 131.036111,-25.345

Once you’ve started the mapping process by entering the slash command, you can refine the map in the dialog box, including choosing a refined address, zoom level, and map type.

When you’re satisfied with your map, click ‘Send to Channel’ to post the map to your Slack channel, and start the conversation!

You can find more help with:

/quick-map help

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