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Web maps are complex. There are so many moving pieces: data storage, data access, application logic and the choice of one from numerous different web mapping technologies. Web Map Insights answers the whys behind the map. Why is one map slow and one map fast? Why does one layer always seem to have missing tiles? Do your users understand the story you are trying to tell? Did you think about that story, or are you just making a map, because?

We use insights derived from the 20 million maps we have measured to help you make the right technology choices.

At Sparkgeo, we have created hundreds of customized web maps for different markets. Because we wanted to know how good our maps were, we created Maptiks to help us understand how they get used.

With our deep geospatial experience we can help your team at every stage in a web map’s life-cycle:


We help you develop your story, determining how to tell it cartographically. We also identify the most relevant and high-performance web mapping technologies to build and tell that story. We use data-driven insights derived from the 20 million maps we have measured to help you make the right technology choice.


If your technology team is short on capacity, we can build your map. Our team is experienced in the development of highly scalable web mapping and digital cartographic products. We have built a wide variety of custom geospatial technologies from cloud-based data pipelines, to store-locators, to routing and delivery applications.


Deploying your mapping technology on different clouds or multiple cloud environments can be frustrating. We have a depth of experience in various modern cloud and containerization environments, including the ever-growing list of JavaScript packaging technologies. We can orchestrate in whatever continuous integration toolkit you want or provide you with relevant advice given your constraints.


After launching a web map, we recommend using web map analytics to guide its development further. Once something has been released to the web it takes on a life of its own, it must be updated, refreshed and reviewed within the context of evolving browser technology. Most of all, it determines if your users understand the story you wanted to tell in the first place.

With Maptiks, we can see where users are looking and whether the map experience delivers your message. We can monitor how and where users are interacting with the maps we build. Maptiks captures the data; at Sparkgeo, we can help you interpret it.


One web map, many web maps – Managing the Enterprise

It is rare to only be managing a single web map and problems often compound with larger enterprises. We can review and optimize your full enterprise to:

  • determine which mapping apps are getting the majority of your traffic
  • see if any apps can be stopped
  • compare all your maps for popularity and engagement
  • see if any layers can be unpublished
  • review individual layers, determining if a more focused caching strategy could deliver faster mapping experiences for a lower storage cost

Using Maptiks, we will help you interpret data about your web traffic and your users’ behaviour, turning it into a blueprint for geospatial modernization.

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