Some of our client partners have shared their thoughts about Sparkgeo. Here they are:

“Will and I worked together to support a large client building a new geospatial analytics company. Will’s team was able to build excellent proofs of concept that we deployed into production and also help the customer’s team shorten their ramp up time on a number of different systems and data sources. Will and SparkGeo are incredibly responsive, excellent at translating highly technical issues into understandable solutions and extremely knowledgeable about the geospatial/remote sensing industry. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Will on this and many other projects.”

—Jonathan Doyle, Partner axion.ai

“Sparkgeo has done a phenomenal job for us in developing some high performance pieces of our web application. Our app would not have the responsiveness and speed that it does without Sparkgeo’s clever approaches to some tough GIS problems that we’ve encountered. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to get strong performance out of a complex location-based web app.”

—Aaron Tolson, COO at Badger Mapping

“Sparkgeo has been an integral member of the DigitalGlobe GBDX team since the product’s inception. Though remote, they have worked as embedded members of our engineering team, and over time have become deep experts in our systems as well as reliable colleagues. Their expertise in scalability, devops, microservices, as well as all things cloud and geospatial have enabled us to iterate on solutions and production-ize our platform faster than we would have otherwise been able. It is a pleasure to continue working with Sparkgeo.”

—Nate Ricklin, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at DigitalGlobe

“Sparkgeo is a critical partner DigitalGlobe relies on for development, testing, documentation, operations and support of our cloud-based geospatial big data analytics (GBDX) platform. The Sparkgeo team has a wide variety of skillsets and technology expertise that we leverage on numerous projects ranging from GBDX Notebooks to our premium analytics suite of algorithms. Their extensive experience with scalable cloud computing infrastructure and artificial intelligence machine learning allows DigitalGlobe to rapidly advance the capabilities of our GBDX platform to meet the needs of our customers. The Sparkgeo team is always on top of the latest geospatial industry trends and cutting edge innovations that allow GBDX to transform geospatial data into timely meaningful insights that improve decision-making and ensure mission success.”

—Adam O’Connor, GBDX Product Manager at DigitalGlobe

“‘Location is the new black.’ I said that nine months ago, and it has never been more true. Location drives users to businesses, and incents them towards profitable transactions. I’ve worked with Sparkgeo on a large, map-based conservation project, but elements of the geoweb manifest themselves in every other project that I am involved with…”

—Jim Lynch, CTO at EcoReserve.org

“”A couple of years ago we were involved in a massive Provincial scale natural gas transmission project. We needed someone to help us manage, render, and interpret the project related field data and data from remote sensing over the life of the project. Will and his team at sparkgeo stepped up and over a period of 3 years, helped us to complete a highly successful project. In the future I would not hesitate to use the services of sparkgeo, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

—Aaron Weaver, Project Manager at Geoterra

“Sparkgeo truly understand the meaning of teamwork when working on complex applications, and bring so much more to the table than simply their mastery of GIS and geospatial data. They responded to our call for creative solutions to the delivery of GIS and geospatial data in a contemporary and responsive consumer web and multi-platform application. Sparkgeo delivered in spades. If you’re fortunate enough to have a project to match with Sparkgeo’s unique skill sets, you will be happy campers.”

—John Wentworth, CEO and Board President at Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation

“We have used Sparkgeo’s services several times and each time has been a pleasure. Not only were they able to handle complex geospatial tasks but they were also able to work as an integral part of our team and handle whatever was thrown at them at a moments notice. If you need a rockstar on your team who can get up and running fast, look no farther than Sparkgeo.”

—Weston Giunta, Product Manager at Map My Fitness

“Sparkgeo has been critical for us as we have undertaken the large project of re-thinking, re-designing and rebuilding the geospatial databases and infrastructure that power Nextdoor.

Their deep understanding of geospatial data, database technologies, and software development in general has been an invaluable asset to us. Though working remotely, communication with Sparkgeo has been frequent and open.

As we continue to build out our core geo infrastructure, we are poised to grow and expand to other datasets and other markets, including international ones. Sparkgeo’s expertise and hard work has helped put us in this position.”

—David Wiesen, Co-founder and Director of Engineering at Nextdoor.com

“RDL started up this year (2011). The first year of any business is tough. But RDL focused on innovation. Sparkgeo has helped sculpt systems, which have made them 10% more efficient in the field, whilst being even safer, even the back office time has been halved. Who said cruising was low margin?”

—Rod Lenton, President at RDL Forestry Consultants

“Sparkgeo is the most responsive group of spatial developers I’ve worked with. They would have been happy to deliver a single, turnkey product with relatively few requirements from me, but our complex application required a lot of collaborative problem-solving, and with Sparkgeo, every problem had an innovative solution. Whenever necessary, they created scripts and tools to tie together a set of cutting-edge, sometimes-finicky components, all in close consultation with me and with an eye on the big picture. And they’d make it seem easy.”

—Kim Fisher, Spatial Analyst and Developer at Wildlife Conservation Society

Image: Tim Gouw