Sparkgeo for Data Science

Data science is a burgeoning market segment; Sparkgeo can help add some geospatial expertise to your enterprise data science team.

One of the hardest parts of running Sparkgeo is describing what we do.

In so many ways, we can do “all things software and data.” But really, this does not capture our essence. Indeed, it completely misses our central expertise, that of geospatial. We could be a pure data science company. Many of us who have long relationships with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), python notebooks, algorithm development and novel data acquisition techniques fit this description very well.

We have discovered, however, that we are better when we augment business units. We know a great deal about geospatial data and technology. That is our niche, our superpower. You will know more about your market vertical and your business. Sparkgeo is very well positioned to support your enterprise data science organization with explicitly geospatial skills. Things like: munging geospatial data of any form, navigating open data, creating mapping interfaces, building geospatial queries, designing novel data acquisition projects.

I would encourage any enterprise data science organization to invest in geospatial talent. The question of ‘where?’ is intrinsic to so many businesses now. But finding that talent can be hard. Additionally, having only a small geo unit can lead to siloing and alienation of specialists. Potentially they can feel undervalued if their leadership doesn’t come from a similar technical purview. Let’s be clear: geospatial people can be weird at the best of times.

That’s where Sparkgeo can help: filling your talent gap with deeply experienced geospatial individuals and gelled teams.