Mapbox and Sparkgeo announce implementation partnership

Sparkgeo Consulting Inc. Announces Partnership With Mapbox 

British Columbia, Canada: In a welcomed move from Mapbox users, Sparkgeo announced its official implementation partnership with Mapbox. Sparkgeo provides geospatial consultancy for the fast-growing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry.

“We established the relationship between our companies some time ago. As Mapbox focused on simplifying and scaling its mapping and location technologies, we worked together to deploy full solutions for customers that lacked the development capacity. Now, we are happy to announce the decision to become official implementation partners”, says Will Cadell, CEO of Sparkgeo. Will White, Head of Sales for Mapbox, adds, “Our customers sometimes need additional help in implementing Mapbox technologies for their unique situation. We are glad to have Sparkgeo as certified implementation partners on our side to help ensure our customers reach their goals.” 

A live location platform, thoughtfully designed.

Since its market entry ten years ago, Mapbox has consistently caught geospatial professionals’ attention by bridging the gap between open-source mapping technology and scalable software solutions for developers and designers. Their SDKs and APIs are the building blocks to build location into search, mobile apps, turn-by-turn navigation, web applications, and augmented reality.

Full-service implementation 

Sparkgeo became an official Implementation Partner for Mapbox in January. Users can now expect certified Mapbox developers to help with advising-on and implementing location services into their product.  

About Sparkgeo

At Sparkgeo, we provide geospatial expertise to companies. Our obsessive focus on geospatial technology makes us somewhat unique. In fact, most of our work has been with other technology companies who look to us as leaders in this field, combining our team’s expertise with their in-house team. We’re curious, listen carefully, are platform-agnostic, and afford critical value to our clients.

Will Cadell, CEO (North America)

Alastair Graham, UK Lead

Facts and Requests
We have been in business since 2010. Please write our name as Sparkgeo. Not SparkGeo, Spark geo or Spark Geo. Our North American headquarters are in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada and our European headquarters are located in London, England. All of our team members work remotely so you may not find many people in our offices. In fact, when we’re not working there’s a good chance we’re climbing a mountain, biking down one or swimming in a glacial lake.