Dissecting a Web Mapping Application

When talking with clients there is always a turning point in my mind where their request turns from being a “Google Map” to being a “web mapping application”. It is usually where data is being filtered, updataed, or when ‘users’ are mentioned. This a pivotal point where the project both gets more interesting, a lot […]

Sparkgeo and Google Maps

At sparkgeo we build next generation web mapping applications. That means we need to consider the mapping application from conception to delivery, from database to user expeirnce. Because we usually get to choose which mapping fabric we leverage, we will usually choose Google Maps. We use Google Maps for almost any public facing web mapping […]

Manage your Mobile Workforce [Workshop]

Learn about how to manage your mobile workforce using Google Maps Coordinate. Will from sparkgeo will be giving a workshop on this technology on March 19th. Sign up here   Here is some more info on the technology:   Tags:google mapsmappingtechnology Comments var disqus_config = function () { = ”; = ”; } var […]

It’s Not About the Bike

This is a quick and hopefully, obvious post. At Sparkgeo, we build apps that have a point. Before technology, before architecture, before design, there always needs to be a point. In general, a GIS portal is an excuse, and a stand alone web map is usually misinterpreted (except by GIS folks, who just want criticize […]

Making Maps

Maps are used everyday. We use them for navigation; we use them for planning; we use them for visualizing and comparing places. We take them largely for granted. More so we take their content for granted. “Well, of course it’s right…!?” The thing is, the world is always changing, and often maps don’t keep up. […]