Maps in Slack using quick-map

Sometimes a map needs a conversation; sometimes a conversation needs a map. Either way, maps and chats just make sense.

Now, you can make a map the easy way, right in Slack.

The quick-map slash command uses Mapbox Static Images and Geocoding APIs to convert an address or pair of coordinates into a simple map.

Add to Slack

By installing or using quick-map, you agree to the Privacy Policy. You should also know that presently this app is free (yay!), but at some point, we may have to charge a nominal fee because the services we are using are not free. For now, go map!

This is how it works. Create a map from an address or place name:

/quick-map Taj Mahal

Create a map from coordinates:

/quick-map 2.294531,48.858081

Create a map with a defined map type:

/quick-map Rogers Centre, Toronto | type:streets

Create a map with a defined zoom level:

/quick-map Sydney Opera House | zoom:16

Use zoom level and map type at the same time:

/quick-map Grand Canyon North Rim | zoom:10 | type:outdoors

Forgot the instructions, or want more information about available options? Bring up more help:

/quick-map help

Additional Links:

quick-map landing page

quick-map help

Contact our developers at [email protected]