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body of water under cloudy sky during daytime

Making Use of Geospatial Data

For over a decade, organizations have been heavily investing in GIS tools and capturing petabytes of geospatial data. These massive acquisitions of datasets show that geospatial technologies are very powerful. However, powerful doesn’t necessarily equate to useful – particularly for members who aren’t on the geospatial team. Typically, initiatives to make those datasets more accessible …

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It’s All Big Data, Machine Learning and Platforms

If there were one central theme to this year’s SatSummit, it would be: “machine learning will find all the things, but we need more training data.” It is clear that many teams are finding new and useful ways to leverage enormous amounts of imagery. Against a backdrop of copious compute and ingenious, learning machines, the remote sensing community is steadily moving towards a feature extraction utopia. That said, its fair to say we are not there yet.